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    Silver City Drilling

    Why Choose Silver City For All Your Drilling Needs

    Industrial and commercial drilling is often a task that is best left to the professionals, but who do you turn to when you are in need of such skills? Well, Silver City Drilling is an independently owned Australian company that is trained, experienced and ready to tackle a range of issues.

    Where can I find Silver City Drilling

    One of the great things about this drilling company is that they have a range of bases across Australia (in the South, the Northern Territory, Queensland, Western Australia and even in New South Wales). This means that they not only offer local services in a range of areas, but they are also capable of servicing nationwide.

    What can I expect when hiring Silver City Drilling?

    Personal service

    With over 30 years worth of industry experience, anyone hiring is likely to be met with a friendly, expert service that is tailored to their specific needs. Working hard to build strong working relationships (and with a proven track record in doing so), they have cemented their place as one of the leading providers in gas, oil, mineral and water drilling.

    High quality equipment and outstanding expertise

    Silver City Drilling have put their experience and skills together to create a balance for the services that they offer. Not only do they work with nothing but the latest modern drilling equipment, but they aim to maintain their high-standing by paving the way in safety and productivity, too. With a range of technical expertise and ongoing maintenance programs, they are able to make use of their extensively equipped facilities across Australia to ensure that they can cater to drilling programs of all kinds.

    Fulfilling the needs of a progressive industry

    With an extensive support network to draw upon and backup services nationwide, Silver City are able to both reach and surpass the expected industry standards in a multitude of ways. Their drilling crews are overseen by experienced site managers and are supported by both in-house and external expertise; to ensure that the needs of both their clients and the projects at hand are catered to in their entirety.

    Meeting a range of client needs

    With experience in drilling for a range of sectors, they are able to provide services to a broad client base. Mineral drilling services include:

    • Diamond coring (depths exceeding 2400m)
    • Directional controlled drilling and small directional motors with Compass steering kit
    • Core orientation and downhole surveys
    • Vertical and angle holes
    • Raise bore pilot holes and mine service holes
    • Borehole grouting and decommissioning
    • Air core, Rotary Air Blast (RAB) and Downhole Hammer (DHH)
    • Reverse Circulation (RC) percussion using multiple compressors and boosters with TUBEX through overburden, stockpiles and old workings
    • Rotary mud drilling
    • Percussion and PCD open hole drilling
    • Seismic shot hole drilling services

    Water drilling services including:

    • Design participation
    • Stock and domestic water services
    • Irrigation and horticultural bores
    • Artesian water supplies and services
    • ​Monitor bores​
    • Bore rehabilitation

    Gas and oil drilling services including:

    • Full-service exploration, development and production well drilling​
    • CSG drilling
    • Well servicing (including workovers, completions and directional downhole steering)
    • Completions and maintenance
    • Well abandonments (services up to 2400m)
    • Extended reach larger diameter dual lateral wells
    • Gas production wells
    • Multilateral inseam wells intercepting verticals to 2300m
    • Conventional and unconventional wells
    • Large diameter (up to 32”) steered mine break through holes to 500m
    • Vertical production wells with under-reamed sections
    • Surface goaf drainage wells
    • Wild Cat wells
    • Directional wells drilled with air DHM
    • Coal Core Quality holes including piezometer installation